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A live performance event that is "Mosho-enhanced" will use mobile devices to deliver interactive extra content or effects to the audience during the show. Before the event, you can download Mosho, but it will NOT BE ACTIVE until you are at the performance venue. (For best results, you might want to make sure your mobile device's battery is fully charged before the performance.)

After arriving at the live performance, you can launch the Mosho app. When Mosho launches, you might be asked to enter a username. If you enter a username (this is optional) you will be able to participate in the performance via texting and posting selfies. You also will be able to vote on various things at various times as prompted by the mobile device (smartphone). Your phone will also display graphics, flash and vibrate, change colors, show Augmented Reality content, and play sound, among other things, during the show.

At times, the app will go dark so that you can focus on the stage events. This does NOT mean that the app has quit. It is still running, but is inactive. It will “come back to life” when the performance includes phone interactivity once again.

We are sure that you will enjoy the enhanced interactivity during any Mosho-enhanced performance. As we say, "Don't turn your phone off during the show, turn it on!"

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